Carpet Cleaners in Fort Wayne, IN

Steamatic in Fort Wayne, IN, performs carpet cleaning services for our customers. No matter how many rugs you own, our staff can clean them in a timely and efficient manner. We use a combination of hot water and strong vacuums to remove every last bit of dirt and other types of contaminants from our customers' carpets.

We Clean Thoroughly

From pre-treating stains to extracting particles with heated water, we take a number of steps to provide our customers with comprehensive carpet cleaning services that are safe for both children and pets. We can clean both installed carpets and removable rugs without leaving any soapy residue, and we can handle the cleaning on-site or at our facility. Our national brand has almost 50 years of experience in treating carpets and is proud to have been a pioneer in steam-cleaning techniques.

At Steamatic, we offer both restoration and cleaning services to customers living in Fort Wayne. Our work can extend the use of your carpets as well as help you maintain a healthier indoor environment. To schedule our carpet cleaning services, contact us today.

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